by Fruchef | 16 August, 2017
FruChef was born when grandmother's forgotten secret of well-being was revived by scientific research. Each of our products carries the refreshing taste and fruity goodness of fresh fruits.

"Every Indian grandmother is a treasure-trove of delightful recipes". Peeling, cutting, and drying several fruits in the backyard, she would smuggle fistfuls of her ware to little children. An unaccounted for heirloom, these delicacies would be relished by the entire family. We were a bunch of kids who grew up in a boarding school and our grandmother had a way of feeding us healthy and nutritious food even when we were away. These days our fast-paced lives lack the nourishment of wholesome food.

This understanding and memories mingled with nostalgia gave rise to the idea of FruChef, where after comprehensive research we've adopted a unique vacuum drying technology to process our fruits where no natural goodness is lost.

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